Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giant Acorn Sprint 10/7/12: Finishing on a high note

While the oly yesterday was a bit of a bust, things got better from there.
  • Compression tights, oh I love you so!
  • Wegmanns food bar! (warning: probably not a good idea to unleash two ravenous triathletes in that place because we pretty much cleaned them out)

  • 10 AM start time! Hotel waffles galore
  • Wetsuits! Drafting! What an awesome swim. Thank you to my blue-capped wave mate, for pulling me straight and steady through the swim course (11:19, 5th female)
  • Treacherous conditions! It had been raining so the roads were slick. Everyone slowed down, which was A-OK by my tired legs.  (35:05, 9th female)
  • Misdirected support! Because the lead woman was a good distance up (how does she run so fast??), lots of people in the crowd mistakenly thought I was the 2nd woman and gave me all kinds of high fives and kudos. I'll take it! As I entered the finish chute, a huge grin overtook me. This was it, I was really done for the season. (23:43, 17th female)

Overall time: 1:13:03, 6/207 women and 1/18 AG

And as an added bonus, this was my first time standing at the top of the podium. Luckily I had just enough juice left to climb the steps.

No, we did not conspire to off the 3rd place finisher.

Final score for the season: 1 half iron, 1 aquabike, 5 olys, 3 open water swims (2 as a buddy swimmer), 3 sprints, 1x 10K run and 1x 200 K ride. Not bad! Here's to next year!

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