Thursday, November 14, 2013


Why hello there. Yes, it has been far too long. But I can either carve out a day (or six) and write race reports for the past year --which I'm sure you are all breathlessly awaiting-- or just go for the quickie.

So here's what's new in my life:

(Yes, that's a house)

But wait, there's more!

(Yes, it's an engagement ring. The fact it matches my shoes is pure coincidence.)

I know what you're all thinking right now: How did Elliott propose? Was I surprised? When is the wedding? Where is the house? And will you have to change the name of this blog? To keep with my goal of making this a short blog post, I'll just say a) on a boat! b) not really but I clearly didn't dress up for it c) May 2015 d) Anacostia, DC (seriously) and e) possibly, if I (or you, loyal readers) can think of anything better.

But for now, I'll just be really ridiculously happy. 

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