Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let's get a MOVE on already!

Have you had quite enough of winter, travel delays, hyper-commercialized holiday cheer, or maybe your local sports team's lackluster season? I can sympathize. I'm ready to be done with this:

Yes, those are our dishes. All our dishes. When we quickly packed up most of our possessions and whisked them away to a storage unit so that our condo would look spacious, we vastly underestimated the number of kitchen utensils that a food-loving couple would need for six weeks. (We also vastly overestimated the number of spices we'd need, but don't they look nice?) For the two of us, we also have one dresser and about six hangers in the closet on which to hang my five work-appropriate outfits (and E's suit jacket from our fancy schmanzy engagement dinner at the Inn at Little Washington). 

But the end is nigh - in one week, we'll be frantically packing up the last of our items to store in a moving van until we officially sell the condo on Dec 5, are technically homeless for 24 hours, then close on the new house on Dec 6. In the meantime, we are thankful that my friend Tess is letting us use her kitchen to cook Thanksgivukkah dinner. After all, sweet potato rolls, latkes, applesauce, stuffing, roasted chicken, quiche, and pumpkin cheesecake is a totally reasonable meal for two people -- but we are clearly lacking in tupperware. 

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